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MUWA’s SECOND HOME is a place where everyday life is extraordinary, and where you can immerse yourself in total relaxation against a backdrop of breathtaking views of nature.

Nestled amongst nature’s best, SECOND HOME is just an hour or two from the metropolitan area and only steps away from a wide variety of experiential spaces and activities. The architecture, design and amenities combined, form an undeniable masterpiece. It’s the results of collaborative work between world-class experts who have beautifully harmonized the region’s unique characteristics with the landscape, and those who through design have effectively, created art. MUWA’s SECOND HOME is conveniently located in a gated community with the highest level of privacy, security and safety. The SECOND HOME is an exclusive lifestyle with professional housing services and management to wait on your every need.

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muwa jade

LOCATION: Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do, South Korea

OPENING: The Second half of 2025 (planned)


Private Paradise

The tranquil landscape surrounded by a pine forest that stretches to infinity completely secludes your residence from the outside. Every MUWA home features striking views of the natural verdant topography. Experience the magnificent ever-changing seasons across the mountainous landscape and the Bukhan River that meanders through the vivid colors of the Gangwon-do province. Only 32 villas are built in an area of more than 100,000 m² to ensures complete privacy for every resident


Find Your Own Sanctuary

MUWA JADE was designed and built with materials of the highest quality albeit moderated to better blend into nature. The ambience is palpable the moment you enter your villa complex – nature will encapsulate you with its warm and inviting embrace as you park your car, enter the villa and private garden. At MUWA, we pride ourselves in our ability to offer every owner with their own personal sanctuary where privacy is the priority and aesthetically done with meticulous design. Every terrace is distanced and a bathroom is in every bedroom so that happenchance or unwanted encounters don’t occur.



MUWA JADE offers four types of villas, each are luxuriously equipped with high-end appliances and furniture. All villas come standard with curated services for your every need with easy access to community houses that boast exquisite wine collections and unique wellness programs. Whether it’s personal or common space you seek, MUWA offers choices that are impeccable and refined so you can relax and be you or mingle with your persona.


Embody the essence of
Timeless Value

The creation of MUWA JADE is a collaborative effort with world-class partners Piet Oudolf, Bart Hoes and Tara Bernerd who best embody the brand’s philosophy. The founder of Naturalistic Gardens Piet Oudolf, who is highly respected among the gardening community and loved by environmentalists around the world, has meticulously designed individual private gardens for all villa units along with community gardens ensuring nature stays an integral part of the design. Featuring glamour, convenience, and privacy, Tara Bernerd is a world-renowned interior designer whose high-end projects include the Four Seasons, Fort Capital, Rosewood Hotels & Resorts, Belmond, Starwood Capital, and residences of affluent individuals all over the world.


Explore our tailored Experience

The prestigious Jade Palace Golf Club and the remarkable Jade Garden arboretum have both been recognized for a long time for their philosophy that putting in long hours, effort, and investment are all necessary to create and maintain optimal spaces. Combined, the Jade Palace and Jade Garden cover approximately 1,140,000m², located in one village to enrich the MUWA lifestyle with the expansion of its amenities.


A Garden Designer, PIET OUDOLF

Piet Oudolf is one of the world’s most distinctive garden designer and landscape professionals from the Netherlands. He has introduced sustainable and eco-friendly naturalistic gardens through natural planting methods, mostly using perennials as they have a longer lifespan. Under the principle “a plant is only worth growing if it looks good dead,” he is highly acclaimed for making artistic and harmonious gardens a vision of idyllic beauty. Some of his more renowned projects include New York's High Line Gardens, Chicago's Lurie Garden, and Somerset - Hauser & Wirth in the UK. MUWA JADE garden is Piet Oudolf's first private project in Asia, and now you have the opportunity to experience his amazing work that gorgeously blends the private garden with nature in every MUWA home.



Tara Bernerd is the founder of the interior architecture firm Tara Bernerd & Partners and an acclaimed British interior designer known for designing spaces for global luxury hotels such as the Four Seasons, Belmond, Rosewood, and residences of affluent clients in New York, Miami, Los Angeles, London, and Hong Kong. Her signature style is to reinvigorate the space with timeless elegance that evokes special significance through luxurious interiors unique to the space and the residents. Ms. Berner works with a highly accomplished real estate developer on interior designs for ultra-luxurious residences around the world. MUWA JADE is her first project in Korea.

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